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  1. Who owns this community?

    I'm [personal profile] wrecking. I started this community in 2011 as a place for icons, banners, and mixes that I make. You may recognize me from my previous incarnations at LiveJournal at [livejournal.com profile] collapsingnight and [livejournal.com profile] ohpaintbrush. I've been making graphics for longer than I haven't and mixes since I got my first tape deck.

  2. Can I join your community?

    No. The only member currently allowed is myself. All entries are public, so you can simply subscribe to it or track updates to keep up with what I post. There is also a feed on LiveJournal located at [livejournal.com profile] ghostsighs.

  3. Do I have to credit for the works of yours that I use? How do I credit?

    Credit is appreciated but completely optional. I am not making anything that amazing and it is just graphics, so if you don't want to credit, I am not going to hunt you down and report you or anything. If you would like to give credit, I have images that show how to credit here.

  4. You didn't credit [personal profile] username for their images / resources / etc!

    I do my best to list web sites that I take images and resources from, but I miss some all along the way. Letting me know that I am using something is encouraged, but I don't feel it is my duty to run around and beg to use images when they on a public domain like Flickr or DeviantArt. Unless the owner of said image and/or resource contacts me directly, I will not remove anything inside this community.

  5. I commented on your posts but you didn't answer me. Why?

    Due to the massive quantity of comments I get, I no longer reply to each one like I used to. It was getting to where I dreaded it and now only reply to comments asking questions. If you feel I didn't answer a question or concern you had, leave a comment at my contact post where I am more likely to see it.

  6. Will you affiliate with my icon journal/community/etc?

    Yes! Just leave a comment on the affiliate page, and I'll add you back as soon as I can.

  7. I can't find a certain icon / fanfic / layout / etc. Do you have archives?

    Indeed I do. I have the regular generated archives which will help looking by date of post. Then, I have things categorized in the tag list. Personally, I suggest looking at the last method as it is the most organized.

  8. Would you like to join my community?

    Maybe! I'm always open to checking out new icon/graphic communities but please don't be offended if I decide not to take you up on your offer.


  1. Do you take icon requests and/or are open to suggestions?

    Sometimes I will do request posts, but for the most part, no. I do have an ETSY shop for custom graphics. You can supply pictures, or link graphics I have already made and buy the CUSTOMIZATION item in the store. The shop is here.

  2. Where did you find this or that? Do you have the original image of ____?

    I have all my resources listed in this post. Most of my images are saved in my WeHeartIt account, Flickr favorites, and Visualize account. I suggest checking there first. And no, I will never have the original of an icons I make. I delete images once I have made them into icons, so please don't ask; I will only send you to my resources page.

  3. Can I use your icons on other sites as my avatar?

    Yes! Go right ahead. Again, credit is completely optional and if you can link back that is awesome. However, if you want to and can't, don't worry about it. Like I said above, I won't hunt you down or report you or anything crazy like that.

  4. I would like to add your icon(s) to my fan site, fanlisting, etc, may I?

    I'd consider it an honor! I would appreciate a link back to this journal (http://ghostsighs.dreamwidth.org), and a note that they were made by me. Naturally, please don't hotlink my images, upload them to the site you are putting them on. And of course, if you do decide to, let me know!

  5. May I nominate one of your icons for an icon contest/awards community?

    Yes, of course but do let me know. I like to keep track in the case I actually win.

  6. What programs do you use?

    I use Paint Shop Pro 7. Occasionally I use Adobe Photoshop CS but usually only for an effect here and there. I know absolutely nothing about the program.

  7. How do I add a banner to my userinfo or a post?

    To add a banner (or other image) to your userinfo or a post, simply use the code below and replace the red text with the URL of the image. Make sure to upload to your own server instead of copying the link from the post it is featured in. I suggest Imgur as a host as they don't require sign-up and are reliable.

    <img src="URL_OF_BANNER_HERE" border="0">

  8. Can Last.fm avatars be used as LiveJournal icons?

    Yes, they can. However, it will require resizing them from 160x160 to 100x100. You can do this in any graphic program, or you can use the Picnik to do the job for you.

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